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Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:

"These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"


Part 1

(* km from Prague - approximately)


     Hluboka chateaux and garden

     Hluboka garden

2.1. HLUBOKA n/Vlt. - one of the most visited monuments called the "Pearl of South Bohemia" (140 km *)

Charming chateaux modeled after the Windsor Castle in England. Its 120 rooms hide a lot of exceptional valuable art collections. Gallery of the Czech artist Mikolas Ales, lovely park. Visit a near small hunting castle Ohrada.

     Hluboka entrance  Hluboka chateaux Hluboka lamp


Chateaux Cesky Krumlov

     Chateaux Cesky Krumlov garden

2.2. CESKY KRUMLOV - one of the most extensive castles in the Czech Republic (175 km *)

The UNESCO listed Cesky Krumlov Castle (from 13th century) is located at the top of a sheer granite cliff. A guided tour shows you valuable interiors, historical collections and unique historical theatre.

Chateaux Cesky Krumlov tower Chateaux Cesky Krumlov fountain Chateaux Cesky Krumlov bear   


Karlstejn castle

2.3. KARLSTEJN - the royal castle, one of the most famous monuments in the Czech Republic (35 km *)

Karlstejn, the most famous Czech castle, was founded by King Charles IV in 1348 as a vault for the Czech Coronation Jewels. Home of more than 120 panels painted by Master Theodoric from the 1360s. You can also visit the Museum of Wax Figures and the Museum of Nativity Scenes.



2.4. KONOPISTE - the romantic castle, one of the most visited sights in the Czech Republic (55 km *)

The beautiful romantic castle (founded in the 13th century) houses
a fascinating valuable collection of historical weapons, rich interiors, Art Deco style decorations richly combined with hunting equipment and unforgettable collections of hunting trophies of some 300 000 animals.
St. George Gallery - a unique collection of 15th to 19th century sculptures on the theme of St. George. A carriage trip through the extensive park.
A unique shooting range in Europe.



2.5. KRIVOKLAT - one of the oldest Czech castles (from 1109)
(60 km *)

See Gothic and renaissance panel paintings and sculptures, a portrait gallery and a historical exposition of silverware. Visit a mediaeval torture chamber in the castle and a chapel with the late-gothic altar.



2.6. ROZMBERK - the castle with the mysterious White Lady "Perchta" (200 km *)

South Bohemian castle from 13th century. Well known for its rich collections of Renaissance and Baroque paintings, furniture and unique collection of historical weapons. A picture of the White Lady "Perchta".



2.7. DOBRIS - the chateaux with so-called French gardens (40 km *)

The castle has been opened to the public recently. Dobris Chateaux -
a work of prominent French architect J.R. de Cott. Visit the valuable interiors including rococo hall, library, dining room and the tapestry room.



2.8. LOKET - an attractive castle, a mediaeval banquet and knight's tournament (155 km *) .

The Gothic castle from 13th century. A collection of the most famous porcelain from Karlovy Vary, the old glass art, folk ceramics, the famous tiled stove, pewter and cooper dishes. A great attraction: You can participate in a real mediaeval banquet and knightly tournament.



2.9. LEDNICE - the most beautiful romantic chateaux in the Czech Republic (260 km *)

Lednice is an excellent example of English Tudor neo-Gothic style and one of the most important buildings of Romanticism at its peak. See prestigious rooms, artificial stalactite cavern, the rare tree of live made from ivory,
a large landscaped English park with Minaret Obelisk, French garden.