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Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:

"These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"


Part 2

(* km from Prague - approximately)


2.10. KROMERIZ - the chateaux known from movie Amadeus, the second best Art Gallery in the Czech Republic (275 km *)

Kromeriz Archbishop's Chateaux is the national cultural monument. The chateaux's rich interiors are very popular among filmmakers. Beautiful English style castle gardens and French style flower garden with a long colonnade. A valuable Art Gallery with pictures by such great painters as Tizian, Breughel, Cranach, Van Dyck, etc. The wine cellar - wine tasting.



2.11. CESKY STERNBERK - the very beautiful castle on a tall cliff
(55 km *)

The castle from 13th century. Visit the Knight Hall with ornamental and figurative motives on the walls, the Yellow Saloon, the Chapel and other rooms. Look over splendid furniture, collections of copperplates, silver miniatures, chandeliers, tiled stoves and other historically precious works.



2.12. NELAHOZEVES - the wonderful chateaux, a museum and a birthplace of a great composer Antonin Dvorak (35 km *)

The most significant Renaissance building of 16th century in the Czech Republic, owned by the Lobkowitz noble family. See rich collections of musical instruments, furniture, applied arts, oriental porcelain and one of the richest private collections of Czech and European paintings dated from the Renaissance up to the 1930's (Brueghel, Rubens etc.) (Sale of replicas and musical instruments). Tasting of the Lobkowitz beer and wine.



2.13. SYCHROV - the beautiful chateaux. Antonin Dvorak composed some of his genial music works here. (90 km *)

See a monument and a museum of Antonin Dvorak. The Sychrov chateaux itself houses rich art collections including the largest collection of French portrait art in Central Europe.



2.14. LITOMYSL: the wonderful Renaissance chateaux - a museum and a birthplace of composer Bedrich Smetana (170 km *)

The Renaissance chateaux (1568), with the impressive interiors (some of them you can see in Milos Forman's movie Amadeus), is a dominating feature of the Litomysl town.
A visit of a unique historical Baroque theatre and a historical exposition of pictures and sculptures is included.



2.15. NACHOD - the lovely castle with the ghosts and spooks in the underground prison (160 km *)

See a unique Gobelin tapestry, bears in the castle moat. The ghosts and spooks from the historical lands of the Czech Crown in the underground prison. Sale of paintings, drawings and graphic arts.



2.16. PLOSKOVICE - the chateaux and the "grotto" - the world unique fake water caverns with fountains (75 km *)

Ploskovice is a lovely chateaux with rich interiors, the marvelous romantic ceiling paintings, collections of porcelain, glass and portraits. Stroll in the surrounding beautiful park.



2.17. NAMEST NAD OSLAVOU - the collection of historical Gobelin tapestries (190 km *)

Impressive chateaux, where the rich collections of antique furniture, paintings, chandeliers, pewter wares, porcelain, carpets and tiled stoves are displayed. The best attraction could possibly the collection of historical Gobelin tapestries from Flemish and Netherlands, from Renaissance to Baroque.



2.18. BRNO-SPILBERK - "Prison of Nations", the hardest jail of Habsburg monarchy (210 km *)

Spilberk is a castle from 13th century lately rebuilt into fortress, which was used as the hardest jail of Habsburg monarchy in 18th and 19th centuries, called the "Prison of Nations". Visit original prison cells, the deepest castle water well (114m deep). A valuable art exhibition called "From Renaissance to Modern" (1570-1945), which was made available after 50 years.