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Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:

"These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"


Part 2

(* km from Prague - approximately)

Tabor square

      Tabor square

3.9. TABOR - Come to the City of Tabor to learn about the Hussitism (130 km *)

A Bohemian medieval religious reform started by John Huss, marked by advocacy of doctrines of the clerical purity and the supremacy of the Bible. Visit the museum full of long-forgotten, historical craft and military items or underground caves and tunnels with pictures animating the city's history and legends.


  Tabor castle   Tabor church   Tabor mediaeval celebration   Tabor Ovocna street


Pisek Old bridge

Pisek coat of arms

3.10. PISEK - picturesque historic town with oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic (100 km *)

On the banks of the river Otava Bohemian kings founded the castle and town of Pisek in the mid 13th century. Thanks to gold mining and industrious trade and production activities the town rapidly developed and enjoyed benevolent Lords such as Premysl Otakar II., Charles IV. and Wenceslas IV., who were frequent guests. In the 19th century Pisek was called the town of schools and students and the violinist's Mecca. As a town in a sea of forests, it has become a fashionable holiday resort and favourite aim for tourists. The old town centre of Pisek has been declared a historic site.

Pisek square Pisek church Pisek embankment


Pribram Holy mountain

Pribram Mining museum machine

3.11. PRIBRAM - well-know Virgin Mary's place of pilgrimage in central Europe and Mining museum (60 km *)

Pribram - recently a silver and uranium mining town with the biggest mining museum in the Czech Republic. The museum is situated in the area of the historical Sevcin shaft, driven in 1813 on the site of a medieval mining pit dating from the 16th century. We can see there a unique collection of minerals, miner's houses and historic mining machine. We must bear in mind to visit the valuable baroque building Svata Hora (Holy Mountain), the well-know Virgin Mary's place of pilgrimage in central Europe.

Pribram Holy mountain Pribram Mining museum Pribram Mining museum train



3.12. DOMAZLICE - the ancient town with unique tall leaning tower (175 km *)

Domazlice is a historic town with a magnificent square with a houses adorned with arcades, ornamental gables and balustrades. The majority of the houses were built in Gothic, Renaissance and Empire styles. Look around from a leaning tower (60m) - the dominating feature of the town. Visit the Chodsko Regional Museum.



3.13. KLATOVY - 40 mummies in coffins with glass lids (140 km *)

In Klatovy you will be very interested to look at mummies in coffins with glass lids in the catacombs. The bodies (weight 8.10kg) were not mummified by some chemical process, but by ingenious air ducts. Climb up to the Black Tower for a superb view of the country.


.     .

3.14. PILSEN (PLZEN) - Pilsner Urquell brewery and the oldest brewing museum in the world (100 km *)

. Tour of the historical center including St. Bartholomew Church with the highest tower (102m) in the Czech Republic. Visit famous Pilsner Urquell brewery, which gave Pilsener beer its name. Beer tasting is included. Do not miss the Brewery Museum, the oldest museum of its kind on the world. In May: celebrations of the liberation of the town by US Army in 1945.



3.15. LIBEREC - a town of the world famous Czech crystal glass
(110 km *)

Visit historical center of Liberec and by a cable railway climb up to the Jested Mountain (1012m), to a TV Tower overlooking the city and surroundings. Glass Palace - the world of original Czech crystal glass.