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Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:

"These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"


(* km from Prague - approximately)


5.1. VELEHRAD: the important European place of pilgrimage
(275 km *)

The original Romanesque monastery from the beginning of the 13th century was converted into baroque chateaux. The local basilica is the largest baroque church in the Czech Republic.



5.2. PRIBRAM - the world largest Mining Museum (65 km *)

Pribram is a former silver and uranium mining town. The world largest Mining Museum houses a unique collection of minerals, miner's houses and historical mining machines. An unforgettable experience is a ride on the underground mining's train. Don't miss a visit of the valuable baroque building Svata Hora (Holy Mountain), the well-known Virgin Mary's place of pilgrimage in Central Europe.

A great Czech composer Antonin Dvorak used to live in the nearby village Vysoka. Visit his museum and the small Rusalka (water nymph) Gardens Lake, where he composed opera Rusalka.



5.3. SLAVKOV - AUSTERLITZ: The world famous battlefield of the Battle of Three Emperors (225 km *)

Slavkov chateaux and the town itself entered into the world history by
the Napoleon Battle of the Three Emperors. In the chateaux the peace talks were started in 1805. Visit the battlefield and a special "Napoleon and the Battle of Slavkov" exhibition with the precious pictures.



5.4. LIDICE - a memorial of village's extermination by the Nazis in 1942 (25 km *)

On June 10, 1942 173 men were shot, the women were taken to
a concentration camp in Ravensbruck, the children were taken to Polish camp in Chelmno. Altogether 340 of Lidice's habitants became victims of Nazi murder. The village was burned and after that leveled ground so that in 1943 there was just only a bare plain. The place where the old Lidice used to be is nowadays a National cultural monument, which include piety area with the common grave of Lidice's men and a museum.



5.5. TEREZIN - former Jewish Nazi Ghetto (70 km *)

. Terezin, "The Town Behind Bars", used to be a Jewish ghetto during the Second World War. About 140000 people incl. children were deported there. Visit the memorable Terezin Ghetto, Ghetto Museum, Terezin Fortress.



5.6. JINDRICHUV HRADEC - an ancient town with the largest mechanical folk-art nativity scene in the world (135 km *) .

See historical center and Renaissance castle from 1220 (the 3rd largest castle in the Czech Republic). Visit
a museum with the largest mechanical folk-art nativity scene, named Kryza's Creche after its maker, and rooms of Ema Destinova.



5.7. SVETLA NAD SAZAVOU - the famous Bohemia glass-works
(110 km *)

Svetla nad Sazavou is a historic town famous for its superior glass works. You will discover how the world famous Czech crystal glass is made. You can also buy some souvenirs for the best prices there.



5.8. CHRUDIM - museum of puppet film - a unique museum of its kind in Europe (120 km *)

. Chrudim is a historical town from 1246. Admire
the very beautiful plague column, the Church of
St. Catherine (1450), the fountain with baroque sculptures, museum, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin (1359), and especially very unique museum in Europe - the museum of puppet film.



5.9. HANICKA - the fortress from the Second World War (180 km *)

Visit former Czechoslovak fortification against Nazi-Germany (1936-1938) and walk inside the underground tunnels (1,6 km long and 18-36m deep). See an exposition of historical weapons, pictures, military equipment, etc.



5.10. VYSOKA - Antonin Dvorak's museum and memorial (75 km *)

Visit the manor house, built in the neo-renaissance style and reopened as the memorial of Antonin Dvorak and new modern exposition. See the unique lake called Rusalka - an inspiration for one of Dvorak's most famous operas and unique stage models of the best-known operas, as well as costumes from the opera Rusalka.

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