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Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:

"These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"


Part 1




1.1. The Prague Castle

Prague Castle

At the end of the first millennium Prague Castle had been the seat of the Czech kings for over a century. Today, it is the seat of the head of state - President of the Czech Republic. It is the most important Czech National Cultural Monument.

Prague Castle entry


The Prague Castle is a grandiose complex of many historical houses, palaces, chapels and cathedrals, courtyards and small streets, walls and towers, and lovely gardens. Here are some of them: First, Second and Third Courtyards, Mathias Gate, Chapel of the Holy Rood, Spanish Hall, Picture Gallery of the Prague Castle, Old Deanery, Old Royal Palace, monumental Vladislav Hall, Basilica of St. George, Golden Lane, Old Burgrave's House, Lobkowitz Palace, Black Tower, Royal Garden, Singing Fountain, Royal Summer Palace...



One of the most admired sights is Cathedral of St. Vitus, the most precious Castle building. The first rotunda of St. Vitus founded by
St. Wenceslaus in 925 was replaced by the Spytihnev Basilica in the
11th century. In 1344 the magnificent cathedral was founded at this place. About thirty coronations of Bohemian princes and kings and their wives took place here.

Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral of St. Vitus


1.2. Charles Bridge
- a unique Gothic stone bridge from 1357.

Charles bridge

When the first Prague's stone bridge - Judith's Bridge (from 1170) - was destroyed by floods in 1342, Charles IV entrusted the only 27 years-old Petr Parler, the second designer of the St. Vitus Cathedral, to rebuilt this important communication. He designed a bridge 516 m long and almost 10m wide supported by 16 mighty pillars. The bridge, decorated with 30 Baroque sculptures from 1683-1724, still serves its purpose.

Charles bridge sightseeing   Charles bridge towers  


Old Town Bridge Tower - the entrance gateway from the Old Town to the Charles Bridge, also the work of Petr Parler.
Lesser Town Bridge Tower - the smaller bridge tower, Romanesque at its core.


1.3. Hradcany - once a small municipal town with many palaces.



Loretto - founded in 1626 after the Italian pilgrimage place. Very attractive sight. See the opulent Treasure Chamber with Loretto treasures, a well-known tower with carillon, The Chapel of Virgin of Sorrows with a popular statue of Loretto hanging on a cross.
Church of Our Lady of Angels - the oldest Capuchin monastery in Bohemia (1602).
Cernin Palace - early Baroque palace (1669-1697), today the seat of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hradcany square


Tuscany Palace - a Baroque building of the Roman style (1689-91).
Schwarzenberk Palace - the most beautiful Prague Renaissance building (1568).
Sternberk Palace - a Baroque four-winged building situated around the courtyard. The palace houses a permanent exposition of the Old European Art of the National Gallery - a very valuable collection of paintings.
Archiepiscopal Palace - a Renaissance palace from 16th century.


Strahov Monastery - the Premonstratensian monastery complex called Strahov was founded in 1140 by Prince Vladislav II and the Bishop of Olomouc, Jindrich Zdik. Church of St. Roch, Church of Our Lady, a group of church buildings, side-buildings and the pride of the monastery, its valuable library situated on the Theological and Philosophical Halls, belong to this remarkable area.

Strahov Monastery  Strahov Monastery gable